Waterline Square Neighborhood by Elliiot BBogod

I’m passionate about the entire island of Manhattan, and I love all its neighborhoods – each one has its unique beauty, and if I were to start to describing to you all those things that I admire in each one, this storytelling session may last a while.

Well, I live with my wife and kids in the Upper West Side, and we didn’t pick that neighborhood as our stomping ground by accident. We had our array of choices, and we chose wisely, and if we were to choose again, we’d chose the same. But if you prefer, say, Midtown – nothing’s wrong with that.

Which brings me to the subject of this article. Today, I want to tell you about the great neighborhood you will enjoy every day if you decide to move into an apartment on Waterline Square. By the way, if you do, please get in touch with me, and I’ll get you the best deal. That’s a promise.

Long story short, Waterline Square is the hottest new residential complex in Manhattan – three beautiful towers around a park, right next to Hudson river, and it’s located right where Upper West Side kisses Midtown. If you settle here, you’ll enjoy both neighborhoods. If you’re an investor, and decide to invest in residential property here, you’ll be glad you did – give it a couple of years and the price will probably double. Or triple.  Not just because of the neighborhoods – everything about the buildings and the apartments in them is the triumph of civilization! But that’s for the next article – and today I’ll just tell you about what’s nearby.

So – Waterline Square faces the Hudson (great kayaking here). If you stand in the public park between the towers of the residential complex and face the river, to your left you’ll find the Hudson River Park – and to your right – Riverside South Park. A green path for walking, jogging and bicycling connects the two parks.

Let’s walk a couple minutes to the south and explore what’s there. A-ha! Another park. This one is called the DeWitt Clinton Park. It’s famous for its well-equipped sports areas: here the locals come to play basketball, baseball, soccer or handball. No less amazing is the Erie Canal Playground, complete with soft safety surfacing, drinking fountains, swings, painted games, and a frog spray shower. Oh, and I almost forgot Sal, Pal and Gal – play mules for kids, made out of concrete.

If you own a dog or two, you’ll probably come here often to visit the local dog run. Or, if you simply prefer to read a book and enjoy a little nature in the middle of the city, in Maria’s Perennial Garden you’ll find a lot to admire – you’ll enjoy these plants as much as local birds and butterflies do.

I should also mention a creative attraction: The Doughboy – A Clinton War Memorial, created by sculptor Burt W. Johnson and architect Harvey Wiley Corbett.

Let’s look around. We’re in Hell’s Kitchen, by the way – the area of Midtown mostly inhabited by future famous actors and hot-shot Wall Street financiers. Ars Nova – a well-known non-profit Off-Broadway theater – will introduce to you the best performances by most brilliant new actors and musicians in current trendiest stage productions. The theater has a reputation for innovation and has launched countless creative careers. Whatever you may watch here, one thing for sure, you won’t be bored.

Walk another block east and you’ll find the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, which also happens to be one of the best professional ballet school in New York, with programs for kids starting at 2 years old – all the way into adulthood. If you have children and want them to grow athletic and creative, that’s where they should get some training. The theater performances are astonishing – trust me, you should see a few.

Two blocks west we have Terminal 5. It’s a music venue that can host three thousand people in five huge halls. Concerts, music festivals and even boxing matches are held here every night – and you can get a drink and some nice snack here during any performance.

A block north from here is the Spanierman Gallery – the creation of the famous art expert Gavin Spanierman. This is one of the most sophisticated private art galleries in Manhattan where you can purchase works by some of the most celebrated modern artists for your collection. These works would probably cost the amount comparable to the price of your new Waterline Square apartment – and will prove to be equally smart investment. Luxury apartments in Manhattan and art have a lot in common: they are expensive yet more affordable than you may think at first, if you give it some effort, they are beautiful, they make your life better, and they will only grow in price.

Higher up North still, we’ll find Ousia – a great Greek-and-Mediterranean cuisine restaurant (I’ll tell you more about local restaurants in a moment, just bear with me because I do have a few things to say on that subject), and The Landmark at West 57th – a famous art house movie theater. A couple of others in the neighborhood are the Walter Reade Theater and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas – both with their own unique selection of great cinema that is both intellectually stimulating and entertaining. And if you would like to just see a good blockbuster, I fully support you in that endeavor – just walk a little farther up Broadway and you’ll find the AMC Lowes Lincoln Square 13 – my preferred place to see each new Disney extravaganza with kids.

Let’s take three more steps 1-2-3 – et voila! – we’re out of Midtown and back in the Upper West Side. As busy as I am kicking in doors every day to help my clients get the best real estate deals, I enjoy staying in good shape. It helps professionally, too – keeps me sharp. So – if you’re a little bit like me, you will be pleased to know that in this neighborhood you’ll have your pick of best fitness studios. Nalini Method, EVP Performance Crossfit, Row House, Yoga Works, Flywheel, New York Sports Clubs, La Palestra, Equinox and Soul Cycle are all within five-to-ten minutes walking (or, if you prefer, ninety-seconds jogging or cycling) distance. And about three blocks to the East from Waterline Square you’ll find Karate City – New York’s most advanced and family-friendly karate studio. This one is my personal favorite, so I’m going to do a plug here. I train at Karate City, and my kids train there, and I can tell you, under the guidance of the great sensei Igor Dyachenko my kinds and I sure have learned how kick and punch. (Karate City is also a nonprofit organization, helping underprivileged children in NYC and worldwide to grow healthy and successful.)

Speaking of kids – great schools in this area! The River School (a great preschool), The Hershel School (with great emphasis on Jewish religious and cultural values), Collegiate School (on of the top boys’ private schools in the world), Professional Children’s School (this one specializes in teaching children who simultaneously pursue various artistic careers), Ethical Culture Fieldstone School (an Ivy League preparatory school), Dwight School (an international preparatory school) – I may have missed one or ten, and if I did, I apologize because the rest of them are awesome as well.

For higher education, here we have Fordham University Campus, which includes Gabbelli School of Business, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, School of Law, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Social Service, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and Fordham College at Lincoln Center. New York Institute of Technology and John Jay College of Criminal Justice are also here, if you’re into that sort of thing – not to mention The Juilliard School – the most famous and the most respected performing arts conservatory in the world!

Oh, and Alvin Ailey’s more academic peer – The School of American Ballet – is so close that you can almost grand jeté from one to the other.

At this point I should probably call out the great elephant in a room – a dancing, singing, music-playing elephant, to be exact. I’m speaking, of course, about Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts – one of the world’s greatest cultural hubs, the house of New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the New York City Ballet, The New York City Opera and its more famous older sibling, the Metropolitan Opera. As a real estate professional, I can tell you that I have special fondness for the Lincoln Center’s three famous buildings: the David Geffen Hall, The David H. Koch Theater and The Metropolitan Opera House (plus the New York Public Library for the Performance Arts, The Vivian Beaumont Theater, the famous Revson Fountain, and so on and so on). A dream team of some of the greatest architects contributed to the beauty of this area: Mark Abramovitz, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Pietro Belluschi, Philip Johnson, Eero Saarinen, and of course Wallace Harrison, whose master plan and the Met Opera building hold the whole thing together). As a man with natural curiosity for creativity and arts, I must tell you that I just love the place. My wife and I do our best to visit the performances here as often as we can. It’s not only classical stuff – Jazz at Lincoln Center is one of the most important organizations promoting this great uniquely American contribution to world culture.

So, if you move into one of a couple of hundred currently available Waterline Square luxury apartments, you’ll probably find yourself visiting Lincoln Center fairly often. And before the performance, or more likely, after – you’ll probably want to grab something to eat and drink together with your date. Pizza is great in the neighborhood – and it has something more substantial to offer in that regard. Such as, for example, Jean Georges – a two-Michelin-star restaurant named after its famous founder and chef, Jean Georges Vongerichten. Or Bar Boulud Parisian-style bistro. Or Café Fiorello, The Smith, Gracefully, Ed’S Chowder House, Blu Café, Thomas Keller’s Per Se, P. J. Clarke’s, Rosa Mexicano, Shun Lee, Lincoln Ristorante, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill, Nick and Tony’s Café, Hiro Sushi @ Olie’s, The Ribbon – there are too many of them to list here, but you can always give me a buzz and after an open house at the Waterline Square I could show you a few more, and after we close the deal, the drinks are on me. Oh, and Chipriani is moving into the neighborhood in 2019.

Speaking of drinks, the area is also famous for its high-class bars and wine stores where you can find some outstanding wines and liquors of every color of the rainbow (West End Wine and Spirits and Renaissance Fine Wine and Spirits are the first couple of places, off the top of my head). But to stock your refrigerator, just wine is not enough (plus you shouldn’t keep the reds in the refrigerator anyway). To buy food for your Waterline Square apartment, you have some great choices. Well, obviously, the Whole Foods, the most recent addition to Jeff Bezos’s seemingly endless list of corporate possessions. But a few blocks up North you’ll also find Trader Joe’s, Gourmet Garage and Jubilee Marketplace. There are also Tucker Square Greenmarket just across the street from Lincoln Center, where on weekends you can buy locally grown produce of highest quality.

For non-edibles, the aria in the vicinity of Waterline Square offers some of the greatest shopping choices in Manhattan. Obviously, there’s the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle, which houses, in addition to the already mentioned Whole Foods market, also Hugo Boss, Stewart Weizman, Coach, Bose, Cole Haan, Moleskine, Amazon Books (Jeff Bezos again!), Diesel, Eileen Fischer, H & M, J. Crew, Jo Malone, L’Occitane, Michael Kors, Sephora, Swarovski, Thomas Pink, Williams Sonoma, L.K. Bennet and a whole bunch more of them. Then there’s other places in the neighborhood, like Kiehl’s, Pottery Barn, Apple store, Lululemon Athletica, Theory, Joie, Rag and Bone, Intermix – you name it, it’s in the neighborhood – so you can find something to wear, something to read, something to write in, something to compute on – and yes, something to decorate your new Waterline Square apartment with!

Then of course, there’s also New York’s Central Park – which just so happens to be right nearby. And that’s where I must stop, or this article will never end. Just let me also mention the Museum of Natural History, and that’s it. I’m done. Oh, and there are also a lot of great ice cream places around here.

When I think about Waterline Square’s location, so uniquely suitable for happy, fulfilled living – I can’t help thinking about the concept of “Fine-Tuned Universe” – the scientific and philosophical idea that the laws of physics and our entire reality are uniquely combined to allow the existence of life, and more specifically, intelligent life, and even more specifically still, the life of human beings. I just think that, to continue the notion of the intelligent design of our Universe, made uniquely suitable for human beings, the area of Waterline Square is just the natural progression of the same continuum: that’s where a human being can live the most fulfilled, spiritually rich and happy life. If you’re looking for a new Manhattan apartment just for yourself – or for you and your family – I think living in this neighborhood will make you very, very happy.  Please contact me, and I’ll make that wonderful possibility a true reality for you.

Yours as always,

Elliot Bogod

Managing Director, Broadway Realty