Get Rich in Real Estate
May 18, 2019

My Book on Amazon!

Dear Friends,

I’m very pleased to announce that my book, “Get RIch in Real Estate”, has been published, and is now available on Amazon.  You can buy a Kindle version, readable on Kindle device or via Amazon Kindle app on practically any type of computer, tablet or mobile phone – or if you prefer the old-fashioned reading experience, my book is also available as paperback.

The Kindle version is currently available for the promotional price of $0.99

You can purchase it here!

– I jokingly refer to this as “The best damn real estate book you can buy for under a buck”. But it’s true – I’m not selling a 30-page brochure. No, it’s a solid, 230-page volume, written from the heart – even if I do say so myself. I did my best to write in a simple, clear language even when I discuss complex concepts. I share quite a few true stories from the decades of my professional practice, and I hope you may find at least some of my jokes funny.

I wrote this book primarily with real estate investors in mind as target audience, but I believe it may be useful for anyone who’s interested in real estate, especially the real estate of my beloved Manhattan. So, I hope that you sacrifice the 99 cents, download the book, read it – and enjoy it!

And if you do, I have a favor to ask of you! Can you please take a moment to write a review? I’d very much like to give my book some exposure on Amazon, so a review from you would be priceless. Thank you very much in advance!

Also, if you feel that something is lacking – or if you’d like to praise me for something you read! – or if you want to invest in some of the properties I wrote about, please do get in touch with me. (You can call my office or email me, using the contact info I provided in the book!

Looking forward!

Oh, and one more thing! Look out for my announcement of the launch of the audiobook version within the next few weeks!

Your friend,

Elliot Bogod