Get Rich In Real Estate Best Seller

If you visited my blog before, you know that most of my posts here are about buildings in Manhattan – usually new, sometimes older – but always remarkable for their beauty, comfort, and quality of living these buildings offer to their inhabitants. This article is no exception, even though it would seem so at first.

I’d like to make a personally important announcement.

My book, “Get Rich in Real Estate: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Properties in NYC” had just become a #1 Amazon bestseller under a number of important categories. It’s a top-selling book on the subjects of Investing, Real Estate, Real Estate Investments, Buying and Selling Homes, and a few others.

It’s one thing to expect something and want it to happen – and it’s quite another thing actually seeing it come to pass. For this, I am grateful to all the thousands of people who purchased and downloaded the paperback and Kindle copies of my book. Thank you for this pleasant gift to me: I won’t deny it, it feels awesome to be able to say that I am a best-selling author!


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🇬🇧 Number 4 in Investing (UK)
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🇪🇸 Number 5 in Business, Strategy and Management in English (Spain)

If you haven’t yet bought it, please do so! Here’s the link to my book on Amazon: Get Rich in Real Estate.

So – back to the subject I started with: beautiful and comfortable buildings in Manhattan. If you enjoy reading my blog, you will probably like my book, too. In the book, I talk about every neighborhood in New York City (yes, I don’t omit any of the boroughs!) – and I describe some of the most fascinating gems of real estate that grace every neighborhood. I talk about famous Manhattan townhouses, and describe every architectural style used in their design. I share a few historical anecdotes and quite a bit of statistical and legal information. And I do so in a way that makes it fun and easy to understand the principles of real estate investment.

If you buy my book and find it enjoyable – please leave a review! Not only it will boost my confidence as the book’s author, but it will help other readers discover my book – and who knows, maybe it will change their lives to the better!

Thank you in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Elliot Bogod,

the Best-selling author of “Get Rich in Real Estate” 😉