FiDi Goldman Sachs Building at Night, by Elliot Bogod

Financial District, also known as FiDi is just across the West Side Highway from Battery Park City. Unlike Battery Park City, Financial District is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan – and it’s also one of the most respectable ones (or most notorious, depending on the point of view). The economy of New York […]

Battery Park City, by Elliot Bogod1200x900

This youngest and southernmost neighborhood of Manhattan, created a little over forty years ago. Until that time, the land on which Battery Park City is situated today didn’t even exist (or rather, the lower part of that land rested at the bottom of the Hudson river, while the top soil existed as the ground over […]

Central Park Tower Under Construction by Elliot Bogod

I don’t consider myself particularly old. I’m in my mid-forties, and after a couple of decades of a consistently strong career in the field of luxury real estate, I think I’ve reached the point where I’m in top shape professionally (and I’d argue maybe physically as well) and get some of my best work done […]

Waterline Square Neighborhood by Elliiot BBogod

I’m passionate about the entire island of Manhattan, and I love all its neighborhoods – each one has its unique beauty, and if I were to start to describing to you all those things that I admire in each one, this storytelling session may last a while. Well, I live with my wife and kids […]